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Wealth Management

In current times, financial needs keep escalating and an average investor is uncertain about how to park his savings to earn an attractive return with an acceptable risk return model. The Indian stock market, though it offers very high growth prospects, also reflects high volatility making it difficult for the retail investor to develop a beneficial investment strategy and this is where the services of a wealth manager becomes crucial. The best strategy in such a scenario for an investor is to seek professional help to stratify investments in a manner suitable to his status and risk profile. This will ensure a satisfactory return on investments without taking undue risks.

We as wealth managers with vast experience in the investment area, seek to ensure that investors participate in India’s growth story without being caught on the downside risk of the volatile market conditions which may significantly erode the value of hard earned money.

Our Role:

We through our team of experienced professionals, focus on providing personalized and quality services to investors with a tailored strategy to reduce risks and maximize wealth over an agreed time frame. We can arrange and coordinate all aspects including opening of DMAT and PIS accounts for non-residents, accounting, tax matters and coordinate dealings with brokers and bankers as agreed under the terms of service.

Our Approach:

We understand that each client’s investment needs are different, so we try to give our clients investment solutions that are unique and cater to their specific requirements. In fact for us, the client is at the heart of our investment philosophy and our focus is on realizing client’s individual goals. Our approach to wealth management includes a personalized service sequenced as follows:

1)Our experienced investment counselor would initially help assess -

• Client’s risk profile and risk appetite,
• Existing and proposed asset allocation, and
• Choice of available investment products.

2)Next step would be to propose and guide in evolving an investment strategy appropriate to the client’s needs by :

• Assisting in making investments in a cost effective manner with reputed sources,
• Monitoring client’s investments on ongoing basis and advising on making changes thereto, and
• Ensuring timely accounting, reporting and statutory compliances.

Our Deliverables:

We ensure timely and accurate investment portfolio reports that are comprehensive and analytical and that facilitate objective decision-making through better quality of service.