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Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting as a career, is of fairly recent origins but assuming increasing significance in a world that is facing recessionary upheavals currently and in the recent past. Businesses are today vulnerable to various risks like foreign currency risks, liquidity risks, credit risks, market risks to name a few. This requires sound risk management framework to control and effectively deal with these risks at a preventive level or to mitigate its effect and cut losses, in case of adverse impact. Risk professionals thus represent a niche and sought after breed within financial careers.

Risk management systems provide a disciplined means to identify, quantify and manage a range of risks, including operational, man-made and natural. These systems provide a framework that supports informed decision-making, planning and allocation of resources to protect and enhance the company's assets, image and objectives through improved operational efficiency.

Risk assessment covers the identification and management of commercial, operational and technical risks within existing operations or known markets.

With markets being more volatile than before, our courses/workshops are planned to cover various aspects of:

• Risk Management and Risk Consulting,
• Processes and essentials of internal controls environment,
• Flowcharting and process mapping,
• Documentation of Financial Policies and Procedures,
• Change Management and applications case study.