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Industry Specific Services

As business realities change, an increasing number of companies are looking at ways to minimize costs and optimize revenue. We provide a range of services focused on enhancing efficacy of systems and processes from an accounting, costing and MIS perspective and tailored to the needs of the specific industry to which the business belongs. Further adopting an outsourcing strategy for its non-core processes can help the business reduce costs and improve efficiency without compromising on quality.
As an example, outsourcing in the healthcare sector has come a long way, from low-end claims processing and medical transcription to medical analytics and clinical processing. Due to increasing cost of high technology many hospitals are outsourcing to reduce their capital expenditure and increase focus on their core competencies.

Our Services:

Accordingly, our services to this vital industry focus on the –

1) Maintaining Web Based Medical Records relating to -
 • Patient History
 • Cash Flows
 • Investigation Reports
 • Data Management

2) Streamlining Management Processes in -
 • Store Management
 • Financial Management
 • Help Desk for Claim Insurance
 • Access to the web based records
 • Day to day activities of various departments

Our Role:

Our finance professionals who are industry experts can assist you with implementing advanced systems & procedures tailored to the needs of the specified industry/service sector to improve control over revenue generation, operating costs and resource utilization. This approach takes into consideration Accounting Standards in India, corresponding International Financial Reporting Standards[IFRS], key business processes and critical ratios applicable to the specific industry and how financial transactions are recognized and recorded in accounts. We also ensure proper presentation in financial statements and in MIS reports.

Our IT team will help you to record your data for every department in a manner that it can be accessed from anywhere in India or abroad and manage critical data through use of web enabled resources. We can also assist your business to migrate their data from paper mode to web based systems and manage all the departmental activities through one integrated network thus facilitating better managerial control and decision making.