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Consultancy covers a niche area within the finance field, that requires specialized skill sets and attributes, for which few courses are available as specific training. Consultancy comprises of value added services that are specifically sought by clients based on their diverse purposes falling under management advisory, BPO/KPO, corporate finance verticals to name a few. This requires job aspirants to have a sound understanding of the business and its needs, coupled with a strong technical background of core finance areas along with reasonable working knowledge of the client’s specific industry, the economy, market trends, opportunities and threats in the client’s line of business, to be able to develop the competence and traits to provide professional advisory services. It is also crucial to learn soft skills necessary to build a rapport with the client and instil confidence in a consultant’s abilities.

Skills in areas of communication, report writing, presentation, financial modelling and researching are pre-requisites for succeeding in a consultancy career.

VKA Education has structured courses/workshops to develop the above attributes in candidates in consultancy lines of service and the course contents would typically include modules on:

• Communications skills
• Financial modelling skills–Basics
• Researching skills
• Scoping of consultancy work - basics
• Planning and execution of engagement phases
• Report writing and effective interaction skills

Specific areas like Wealth Management services, Asset Allocation and Evaluation Principles, Portfolio Management, Reverse Mortgaging, Insurance Advisory would also be covered in workshops based on specific requirements.